Saying bye bye to scarves

In the early days of This is Lullaby, I came up with a really unique design… if I do say so myself… for these bandana style baby scarves. I was originally inspired by Middle Eastern Keffiyeh scarves (which are scarves and headdresses folded from a simple square of fabric)… but, um, more the look of the fashion accessory variety, than the traditional headscarves!

They have done really well over the last few years and I’ve received great feedback, but there comes a time for things to  end, and that time is now.  There is a diminishing pile of scarf fabric left in the corner of my studio which I don’t want to waste though, so I’m now offering the scarves at HALF PRICE until stock runs out. This means they are only £8 now. An absolute steal.

The are adjustable with buttons, so the same scarf will fit from about 6 months, to four years.  Nice and cosy too, and good looking as all the folds are sewn in place, just so.



Some of you might be asking why I would discontinue them then? Well, the plain answer is they just don’t fit my brand.  I’ve been re-reading Fiona Humberstone’s ‘How to Style your Brand’ recently (I really recommend it for small business owners) and have been thinking more about how I can run vintage fabrics and/or retro styling through my whole line. These scarves just don’t fit in, in any way whatsoever. Seriously, I can’t even think of a tenuous link, ha.

There is no sadness though, its been a happy few years, but now it’s bye bye scarves.

You can take a look at the range available to purchase here, only £8 whilst stocks last.


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