Making an Easter Tree

For an easy craft idea with children this Easter weekend, how about making an Easter tree? We’ve given it a go for the first time this year, and I LOVE it.  Such a pretty addition to the house, and fun to make together.


Easter Tree 2016

First step is twig collecting.  A lovely opportunity for a family adventure in the woods, although lets be honest, a bit of playground/ice cream bribery might help too.   I arranged mine in this vase from Dunelm Mill and added the ribbon.  A bit twee for my normal style, but perfect for Easter.

We used polystyrene eggs from The Works to decorate.  Paint, sequins, wool, felt tips… anything goes.  Since this picture, a few more have been added too, adorably with flowers drawn on and their names written on them (‘lecsee’, ‘fIlet’, and ‘popee’… everything gets named at the moment ♥♥♥.  That’s Lexi, Violet and Poppy if you are unsure on the phonetic writing attempts!).

We’ve also used Easter stickers, feathers attached with glue dots, little chicks, and a few other decorations we had in.  Really simple, but looks so good!

As an alternative, above is what we made last year, a hanging Spring branch. You’ll probably notice a lot of the same components as this year… recycling craft materials is important!

With this, I hung the decorations using invisible thread, and decorated the branch by wrapping with yarn.  The gorgeous tissue paper flowers were made using a tutorial from Rust and Sunshine. They are so easy.

Incidentally, last years stick was called Darcie 🙂

I’d love to see your Easter decorations if you’ve made any.  Share here or tag me on Instagram @thisislullaby


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