Valentines Day picks

What do you do for valentines day with your kids?  In our house my husband always buys my daughter flowers, I think this started when she was just two, and she really loves it. Teaching her how a girl should be treated! Of course, I help her make her own cards too which are always lovely to receive.

I’ve never considered Valentines clothing for my family to be honest, maybe its a bigger deal over in the US than here in England?  Most things are!

In my shop, This is Lullaby, there isn’t so much as a hint of a heart, however, there are some totally CUTE items I’ve spied on Etsy, so wanted to share my favourites today…


  • I’ve fallen for the retro prints like this that are all over the super fun clothes from Josiekatstrunk

valentines day 4

  • I think we can all agree that a hug would be no problem!  This from Mochikids

valentines day 3

  • This simple crochet headband from mmhandmades is so sweet, I think it would be a bit hit with little girls.

valentines day 1

  • mylittlesavant sells this retro monochrome tee, great for those who aren’t pink fans

valentines day 7

  • The beautiful heart pocket on this baby dress by janjancreations is a lovely detail

valentines day 2

valentines day 5

  • LOVE WINS!  I adore the concept of this design by OhSimBows

valentines day 8


Hope you enjoyed my picks.  I’ve you’ve seen something else cute, let me know in the comments.   Wishing you a Valentines day full of love 




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